What is Current.ly?

Current.ly is the first product to show the most important subjects and Tweets on Twitter. There are no editors that decide what you should read.

How do you compare to news apps?

We are not a news app, but we do show a lot of news-related information. In current.ly you can expect breaking updates and opinion about the subjects.

How are the subjects chosen?

Our algorithm will automatically pick a subject when there is sufficient serious discussion about it. It ignores chit chat. Current.ly does not have editors that pick subjects.

Does Current.ly use the trends that Twitter displays?

No we don’t, although many of the Twitter trends will also show up as subjects. Our algorithm is specifically constructed to quickly pick up new conversations and not miss out on important subjects.

How are the Tweets chosen?

We look for the most relevant Tweets for you. We take many factors into account like retweets, retweets by influential people (we use data from our sister website PeerReach.com), replies and of course the content of a Tweet. We prefer opinion and try to remove the repeating content.

Can I share?

We love sharing, therefore each topic page has a small link to share the page. Also you can retweet a status update.

If I switch from US to UK I see the same subject but different Tweets?

Our algorithm looks for opinions by people that you know. For the US version more Americans will show up, and for the UK version more British accounts.

Does Current.ly take into account who I follow on Twitter?

No it doesn’t. Current.ly is intended to display the "Talk of the town". Furthermore, we don’t want people that have not used Twitter to be forced to go through a lengthy setup process. In the future we will allow you to mute certain subjects that can occur frequently like Sports or Politics.

How are the images chosen?

Our algorithm looks for images within the Tweets and and links shared on Twitter. For some recurring subjects we've manually chosen appropriate images.

Do you have an Android app?

Not yet. We do have a mobile web version which runs perfectly on Android until our Android native app is finished.

I would like to send Tweets from Current.ly

Current.ly is not a Twitter client. However, you can retweet a Tweet in both our iPhone app and our website.

I would like to use your technology for my company. How can I contact you?

Sure, just ping us at info@current.ly.

I see you've launched in the USA, UK and the Netherlands. Do you have plans for other countries?

We are working on adding more countries in the future. Our algorithm works best for countries with millions of active users, like the ones mentioned in this PeerReach blog post..

How do you relate to PeerReach

PeerReach is the name of our company, Current.ly is our latest product. The PeerReach website analyzes relevant Twitter accounts and has done this for over 150 million accounts so far.